What makes us different....

Community driven

We know that our strength stems from a strong and dedicated community. Therefore we set ourselves to give players and community members the power and always aim beyond the promised expectations.Here at $PEPO, you can not only befriend new people and players but as well as consider it a safe space where you can vent, unleash your creative side and also have challenges with them in Daily, weekly and Monthly Tournaments.

Taxes are for Govt. backing Fiat currencies

Taxes are for government backing Fiat currencies. Crypto currency is always tax free so PEPE OTIMUS have ZERO "0" tax. Pepe optimus has arrived to revitalize the bsc market. Launched without fanfare, pre-sale, zero taxes, LP locked and contract renounced, $PEPO is a coin that belongs to the people forever. Fueled by pure a experienced Team, let $PEPO lead the way and guide meme world to bring Utility instead of having just a meme.

Last modified 6mo ago